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in short: The new Film from Blank Paper.
IN SHORT is Blank Paper Studio´s new Film project, available now on DVD. The Film is a compilation of consecutive short films that we have been working on since April of 2006. For more Info about our first full-length feature since "91 Words For Snow", go here >>
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Wow. Almost a year since i last published anything here.
Everyone has been pretty busy with film projects and such, the book is on its way, too, although it will take at least until the end of the year to be completed.
I was actually supposed to post in here to add a link our friend and photographer Daniel Blom sent me: a great video edit of some of his best pictures from the last season(s), including some from Blank Paper trips for IN SHORT.
Enough talk, here´s the link:


Mini Info site about David Benedek´s new book project is up. CURRENT STATE: SNOWBOARDING will be available in the Fall of 2010. To reserve a copy and for more info, go here.


We just finished Nike ACG´s spot for their summer launch. Watch it here >>

Our friends at Action Horse have put together a little freestyle rappin´ montage from our Japan trip for IN SHORT. Nicklas was one of the filmers on the trip and he uncovered some little treasure from the Hard drives. >>

Sorry for not hammering away these blogs every other day but despite not working on a self-assigned movie at the moment we are fairly busy with all sorts of smaller jobs. Once we have interesting pieces that are final we can share some on the site.
Other than that we wish everyone a happy 2009 and beyond.

From the 4th thru the 6th of December, The Big Mountain Screening will be happening in Munich, including showings of a bunch of great Snowboard Films. There will be also a photo exhibit and mini trade show along with it. For more info go here.
Here´s the screening schedule for the event.

We are counting the days. Go America! >>


ADC - the Art Director´s Club of Germany is currently putting on an exhibition in Munich which included the IN SHORT Packaging.

Friends of ours run an annual documentary film festival and - for the first time- along with it FotoDoks - an exhibit of documentary Photography.
In cooperation with "non-fiktionale" Film Festival in Bad Aibling, Germany. Oct 1st thru 5th, Vernissage Sept 30th @ Galerie Villa Maria, Rosenheimerstr.43, Bad Aibling, Germany.


Amongst Films like "EVEREST" or "FIRST ASCENT",our dryslope short film from IN SHORT will be shown in the Ushuaia SHH Film Festival in Argentina. Pretty interesting contrast :)
More info here >>

Hooooooly Shit. Italian artist BLU and his latest short film >>


Friends of ours are opening a bicycle shop in Munich. Check them out if you are in the area. "Stilrad" opens June 27th, 4pm and is located at Mozartstr18. More info >>

So Shaun White is finally going to have his own video game. We heard a rumor it´s only going to come with two controls: one for spinning, and one for stalefish grabs. Sounds exciting >>

"Oh - me so cold"...pretty funny clip from Chris McNamara. Thx for sending it in >>

This shit is too funny. THE CRAWL for 4th place >>

Our good friends from Japan, the "Car Danchi"- Crew just released a trailer for their new film. Check it out >>


One of our favorite shredders of all time, Gigi Ruef, has a blog now. Check it out >>

Work-Safe Porn. Awesome! >>


We won an award! YEA!
David Benedek received an iF packaging award for the IN SHORT DVD box! The iF packaging award is an international design competition that honors the best of packaging design.

Sepcifically, David´s graphic design of the box was awarded. All winning pieces took part in an exhibition and were honored in an award ceremony.

Sorry we have been taking such bad care of the site.
A lot of people have been asking what´s up so here´s a little update: for this coming season / Fall 08 we wont be releasing a new film. We took a break after finishing IN SHORT and are currently working on new concepts that might become a reality down the line. Maybe we´ll have some small clips on the site soon but as of right now we are still in brain storm stage for any new film project. We´d be really interested to hear what kind of film you´d like to see us make so please feel free to send us any thoughts or ideas. Simply e-mail to info(at)

One of our favorite bands, The Notwist are releasing a new album some time soon. Download a free mp3 of one of the tracks here.

One of the best April Fool´s Jokes of all time:
The BBC clip from 1957 about Spaghetti harvesting in Switzerland


Boris is currently in Canada, shooting a Nike spot.
Yes, we are jealous. POW.

Work is done, back to the useless stuff >>

The Red Bull Gap Session Video is now online! See the exclusive Blank Paper Studio clip here >>


Banners are gone, spectators as well as riders have safely returned home and we are looking back on a very successful and especially fun week in Garmisch.

Winner of the main event & winner of longest airtime Chris Soerman (left) and Best Trick of the week winner David Benedek.
Ranking of main event: 1) Chris Soerman 2) Arthur Longo 3) TJ Schneider 4) Anttii Autti

The event on Saturday night counted up to 8.000 viewers in Garmisch-Partenkirchen´s Ski-Stadium.

Looking at the snow conditions it´s unbelievable what Christoph and the building crew have managed to put together this past week. Thank You!

Only a few more days until the Red Bull Gap Session. Christoph has a little blog about the progress here.

Pretty funny >>
Very funny >>
A must-see documentary >>


Even though the snow conditions are pretty weak, preparations for the Red Bull Gap Session are proceeding at full blast. Live Cam available here. Select "Skistadion".


IN SHORT wird für kurze Zeit im Forum des Deutschen Museums in München gezeigt. Täglich 20.00 Uhr, Tickets gibt es an der regulären Kinokasse


I have no idea who compiled these photos but they are truly incredible. >>

Our good friend Nicola Thost is putting on her Snowboard Camps again this year and we hear it´s great >>

Do you also sometimes wonder what the point of your shotgun is if you cant have it right by your side when you go to bed? Then maybe this is for you >>


Vincent Skoglund just updated his site with some amazing new work. >>

IN SHORT is nominated at X-Dance Film Festival !
It will screen this coming Sunday, Jan 20th in Salt Lake City. More info about the festival and screening schedules here.

It´s confirmed: the 2nd RED BULL GAP SESSION will be held on March 8th in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Some of the world´s best riders will once again come together for one week to push snowboarding´s boundaries further and have fun. And you are invited to watch. More infos soon.

This is really the programme we need to get on: outsourcing life! :)
Very funny article from Esquire >>


We got pointed to Mikey Basich´s Snowboard from IN SHORT on eBay >>

Once Again we have set a record for non-blogging. To our defense: just last weekend Tokyo X_trail Jam followed Air&Style so besides doing wacky 1080s and slapping hi-5s there was some social events to be attended. >>

We really didnt take good care of posting the usual junk that floats through our computers, so here are some little gems that piled up in the meantime.

Definitely the latest Film release but also probably the best Trailer of year. Mtn. Lab 1.5. >>

Oh we go: controversy!
We hear the Film sucks by the way. Uwe Boll´s infamous "postal" trailer >>

Oh, this might only be funny for the german speaking. Sort of, it still is pretty funny. Germany´s "Ton Steine Scherben" drummer doesnt get along with the Tv Studio´s capitalist inventory >>

People do wicked things to dogs. And dogs do wicked things, too.

New Premiere Stop announced:

Montreal, Canada - Nov 7th, 9pm @ Bain Mathieu, 1925 Ontario Est.


We just finished our premiere tour for IN SHORT in the US. Here: Mikey Basich and friends at the Baltimore´s After-premier Art Show. Good times! Thx to Kevin Norris and everyone at 3Ride Shop.


IN SHORT Premier in New York City Premiere went off a few days ago at Galapagos. More pics soon. What´s with the middle fingers?

O lá lá: Travis put down some sort of double bs Rodeo / flip to bs rodeo 7 at the Icer Air in SFO. Cheers! >>

We just heard that the London Premier was cancelled due to some complications with the venue. Sorry - we´ll announce a new date soon hopefully.


Blank Paper night on the town. Turns out not that many people dress up for Haloween in Austria.


We partnered with our friends ISENSEVEN to host a premiere in Dresden. Unfortunately we couldnt make it ourselfs but from what we heard we definitely missed out. Thx to everyone who helped put it on.

Wait, isn´t that everyone´s favorite TTR Staff member, Drew Stevenson? I just dont understand why Daniel Blom always hooks up his iPod full blast....>>

Kingpin´s head hound and fellow shred film maker Whitey McConnaughy made a pretty funny intro for the EA Skate game >>

IN SHORT Premiere in Denver, CO earlier this month. Packed house and good times. NYC coming up next.

Chad Otterstrom and friends.

Full House at La Rumba in Denver. Thx to Bonfire for putting it on once again!


Hail to the Thief.
For those who didn´t know about this: Radiohead released their new Album exclusively on the internet earlier this month and best of all: you can set the price yourself. This is also where my lameness comes in. To my defense, i´ll listen through it and buy another one if i like it. Supposedly the average is about 4 pounds / download. Get it here >>

We just got word, that "The Morning out of New Delhi", an "indy" film where 2 friends dance their way from Salt Lake City to India will be released on HD this season. >>


With a packed house of 400+ in the beautiful old Sendlinger Tor theatre in the heart of Munich, our second EU premiere went really well. Good times, good firends and great reviews again. Thx to the Onboard Site for the photo.


Very fun European premieres of IN SHORT this past weekend! Full House in Innsbruck and very good reviews we just got pointed to. Thx! to Method Mag for letting me rip the above photos from their site.

Oh man, we are such idiots:
The Santa Monica, CA Premier was actually on the 16th, yesterday! Not on the 17th. Sorry, really for everyone who wanted to go tonight and didnt see any other info. I really felt like this when i found out.

Unfortunately, The Nashua, NH Premier had to be cancelled due to conflicting dates. Sorry.

This really excites us. We are finally able to announce the premier dates for the first premieres on home ground:
- INNSBRUCK | FRI 19.10 | 22.30 | Leo-Kino
- MUNICH | SAT 20.10 | 22.30 | Kino Sendlinger Tor
- DRESDEN | SAT 27.10 | 22.30 | Schauburg
Hope to see you all there.

Premier schedule has been updated:
- new venue for the Santa Monica Tour Stop:Laemmle´s Theatre
- New York City Premier Date announced: November 3rd at Gallapagos Art Space.


More premier-partying. Seattle-based store / gallery EVO hosted the Washington premier of IN SHORT. Full house, beer sponsor, what else could you wish for? Photo:Josh Thompson

I still get pretty star-struck whenever i see Peter Line. Stoked he came out to see the Film. From left to right: Mikey Leblanc, Peter Line, David Benedek. Photo:Josh Thompson


First reviews are coming in after the premieres: EXPN featured us on their frontpage. Read the review >>


Maybe not the most objective review but nevertheless a great way to get your expectations beyond a reasonable point :) The review on Snowboarder Magazine´s Website >>

The US premier of IN SHORT in Portland went really well.
Scheduled to start at 7pm with 2 theatres showing the Film at the same time it was overcrowded with almost twice the amount of people the venue could hold. Luckily we were able to do 4 showings before everyone headed over to Cleaners for the After Party. Thx!!! to Bonfire for putting on such a great premier and to everyone who came to see the Film.

Mikey LeBlanc and Ben Fee.

David Benedek (1-happy), Eric Messier and David Benedek (2-sad)
More photos on Future Mag´s Site >>

More bodily fluids on TV. >>

Fecal humor never really gets old...Imagine how uncomfortable it must be to have explosive diarrhea in a hot tub. Now imagine this happens to you while on a TV show. >>

So, we are obviously getting a little more lazy since the Movie´s done. Sorry. And i actually had a few funny things i wanted to post on here. First of all a few more pics from the World Premier of IN SHORT in Tokio Japan.

Man...i dont even have a Blank Paper shirt! White Film Festival Shirt.

Japanamerican film maker Neil Hartman and Mikey Basich trying to enjoy a beer with the an annoyingly drunk David.


IN SHORT World Premier went down last Friday in sold out Q-AX Theatres in Tokio, Japan. We premiered together with Mack Dawg Productions´ "Picture This" as the only non-japanese Films at this year´s White Film Festival. It was good times and lots of Beer-u hanging out with the MDP Crew. More Pictures soon.

This is very cool- Do it yourself LED.Grafitti >>

More Premier Dates announced! See below in the middle for the updates. European Dates should be announced soon.

Amazing reaction to any sort of surprise or stress situation >>

Sorry about not having updated anything on the site for a little while but we are in full editing mode. Hoping to finish the Film on Monday.

New premier date announced: Sept 28th, Seattle WA at Evo.

Only funny for the german speaking audience, sorry:
Für diese aber umso mehr. Virales Marketing im Todesstern Stuttgart >>

Hahahahahahahah. The Gay Bomb >>

Sorry, our website was down for almost two days. Friggin´ provider...if anyone has sent us e-mails within those last 2 days please resend them. All our mailboxes have been deleted as well.Thx

Which reminds me: X-Games are mostly online already (and Shaun White did finally win Vert) >>

Saw this the other day again after a long time: Danny Way´s Bonus Part from the DC video a few years ago. Still nuts >>

one of my favorite recent headlines: GPS-equipped squirrels arrested by Iranians.>>

Some people definitely have too much time on their hands >>

Ever wondered what the Simpsons voices looked like? >>

Gotta Love the Simpsons. The Canyonero Spot >>


Another proof that some of the gear we raffle of our site actually ends up in people´s hands. Marco from Italy won the Bonfire Jacket he´s wearing in this shot. Apparently he´s not only lucky but also a pretty good shredder. Photo:Andrea "Rigablood" Rigano
Thx for sending the pic!

Guess i had a bad link earlier: sorry, so once again:
For the graphically interested: pretty accurate analysis of the US Campaign Logos from the US elections 04 >>

Pretty cool: 80s video game "Pong" gone 3-D >>

Very nice artwork on the "Tour de France" track. Who would have thought anything non-doping related could be news-worthy. >>

Spent some time in the Telecine at the ARRI Building in Munich today.
Such an amazing place if you have any affinity with Video or Audio Equipment...

That´s pretty funny: someone found a photo of DCP´s hat we sold on MySpace.

More Land Surfer Stuff, even better actually. Cant believe they are biting our editing style! "Get on the WAVE!" >>

Ahhhh, this is so good, i LOVE press releases:

"Tasty Adventures are at it again with a brand new product, exclusive to the UK. Introducing the StreetSurfer: the ultimate street machine! Don´t be fooled into thinking this is just another bicycle, the StreetSurfer has five, yes five, wheels."

Wait- did you really say five? FIVE FUCKIN´ WHEELS! Can you believe it? Haha...unbelieveable someone actually did this. It only gets better with the Land Surfer, the true master piece of urban mobility.

Funny how i mostly thought of the beginning of the 20th century to be black and white. Interesting color photos from WW1. >>

Recently saw the YES MEN documentary, pretty funny.

There´s actual proof people really win some of the stuff we claim to give away on our website! Of course, 98 % end up in our office, but those lucky 2% actually make it out there.

No, seriously now, i thought it would help to know that leaving your DVD´s serial # or taking part in raffles actually makes a little sense.

This sweet Zimtstern jacket went out to Simon from Germany. Cheers!


This is pretty funny: US states renamed with countries of similar GDPs >>

This is what Youtube´s good for. Random dudes doing random things and showing it to the World. Hillarious manualist version of an Iron Maiden Song. Cant believe he keeps going for the entire song! >>

The beautiful & sexually explicit. Rikki Kasso´s Tokyo Undressed Photo Blog. A must see >>

Supposedly voted "Best Commercial in Europe". Either way, pretty funny >>

That´s pretty ridiculous: some people have started camping out in front of the NYC Apple Store in order to get an iPhone, when it comes out today in the US. This dude is definitely serious about being first in line.

More stuff from the Uk: our good friends from the Band "Super U" have a new music video! Check it out >>


Oh, this is great: british artist Katie Paterson lets you witness the glaciers dying. Live: just call this number: +44-7758 2256984. Read more here >>

Everyone´s favorite Photo Agency is celebrating their 60th Anniversary with some great online specials- Congratulations! >>

Wow- now this might be one the gnarliest things ever: VBS in Columbia >>


Just saw a report about a truly inspiring project by french photog JR. We need more of this in the world. Check out a trailer >>

Some more quality internet procrastination:
i read something in Surfer Magazine the other day about this Film, could be pretty funny. Voices include Slater, Machado and others.Another awesome skate clip, here.

I thought Koston´s winning run at this year´s Tampa Pro was pretty decent- until i saw Greg Lutzka´s run from 2006. More Lutzka madness here. Ridiculous!


Looks like someone at NISSAN watched "Yeah Right" >>


W rapped up the last Intro Shoot at the Burton Factory in Vermont and had an awesome session on the company mini ramp in their backyard. Good times!


Surf´s Up, brah. David and his Big Wave Gun ready for Mavericks.
Surfing the WA coast before heading to VT to shoot the last few intro shots.


US Photographer Chris Jordan´s latest mega series. Not the most subtle work in the world but definitely impressive >>


If you havent discovered Vice Magazine´s TV Channel, do so. They have some good stuff on there. A change in their focus from supermodels and coke to playing serious & independent media obviously offers great room for their self-undulgent staff, too :) Nevertheless, some stuff´s really good. For example, check out the story on "Baghdad´s only Heavy Metal Band. >>


We featured italian artist Blu´s stuff earlier, but there´s just too much insane stuff to look at. Check out his website as well as the site about the street art trip for a documentary movie.


We (Justin and David) just wrapped up a shoots for the intro in Washington. Spent some awesome time with a logging crew way the fuck out. The loggers were pretty far out, too. Getting high at 4.30am in the morning to do life-threatening logging work is definitely worth being its own documentary. Very cool guys, but very tiring 22hrs of shooting / travelling.


Wooster Collective from NYC, the gallery that also featured Doc Zapalac´s Show not too long ago, has a great website with tons of good stuff >>


Sorry for the lag on updating the blog- busy!
In the meantime we´ve done a bunch of stuff.
We wrapped up the Whistler Shoot which went pretty well. Christoph Weber had some wicked stuff going:

Upside down maneouvres are absolutely super but can end your day faster than you think. Although a lot of creativity came out of this temporary product issue.

While Sani was working on the true next level camera mount. I am not even sure if i am allowed to show this, it´s so top secret.


Swedish Photographer Jens Andersson. Great Stuff >>


We just got done building another step-over in Whistler, Canada. We definitely have the specs down now- 2 jumps built, two working out. More photos, soon.

Amazing campaign for "Amnesty International". I believe it´s regarding freedom of speech and unfortunately i have no idea who did it, so excuse the bad credits.

More things to be done in Japan. We wanted to go there but didnt have time: the wave-pool in South Japan. Todd Richards surfed it and said it´s fully legit: barrelsl & racy sections included.

The video doesnt look too epic, but they can probably crank it up. It´s an indoor Dome which can open its roof when the weather´s nice. Funny thing: the pool is right by the real ocean that has good surf, too...

Another Japanese late-blog: found this photo of a Snack from a gas station. I´ll let you figure out what the Burrito looks like...

Saw this in Japan, too. Pretty funny- Yeah! Nailed a double grab?


Crew Update: California
while David´s still resting out his concussion these Euro-Pipe-Jocks just arrived in Lake Tahoe to build some more park features: (from left to right) Sani Alibabic, Markus Keller, Christoph Weber & Christophe Schmidt

One of the best park builders, Eric Rosenwald, is helping us to create one of our many weird brainchilds.

Not looking too weird actually.


Amazing stuff by italian artist Blu >>

More of "little Super Star". He´s not only an excellent fighter >>


Swedish Smorgebro Daniel Blom has a new website. It looks very nice and has some very good photos on it we think. >>

This is pretty much the amount of action our trailer will be packed with >>

France trip is over- besides David´s little accident an awesome trip. After getting some great shots on the best jump we´ve ever built everyone went surfing for two days. Thx to everyone from HO5 Crew and Cauterets Resort for making this happen. More photos soon.

French arent particularly known for being good at English but this one´s pretty accidental brilliance: the 4-letter code on the ticket at the resort one day made up an awesome combination.

Well, the jump worked out good. In general it did...nevertheless i got knocked out for good on the first day of riding.

Bruised my wrist and hit my head so hard that the others had to write me a piece of paper with the basic answers to my questions so i would shut the fuck up. I had no idea what happened and i still cant remember much to be honest.

The paper read stuff like: 1) you tried a double bs rodeo and fucked up 2) You are still going out with your girlfriend 3) We are in France and you drove here with Christophe...need to go back to bed to get some rest.- David

After driving 16hrs straigh to the South of France we shaped the set up today...looking sweeeet. Multi purpose super jump, cant wait to hit this thing.

Yeaah- not even back for a week and we already have the next trip lined up. We are leaving to shoot in the Pyranees in France tomorrow. Building another monster....:)

12-04-07 Making friends in Japan!
Wow- we just got back from the best Japan Trip of all times. Seriously: i dont think anyone on earth has had a more fun-packed vacation than us in that little country. So we´ll do a little reverse blogging, scroll down to go through some random pics from the trip.

The crew: Mikey Leblanc, David Benedek, Eric Messier shredding, Daniel Blom and Neil Hartmann taking pictures, Nicklas & Neil filming and Ben Fee just being himself.
The experiment: 7 people that dont know each other too well, 3 weeks in Japan, everyone in this car:

Kidding about the car obviously, but it felt kind of like that.
We rode pow!!!

We made new friends!

We rode even more pow!!

We met Terje, Makinen and Joni Malmi.


NASTAR was born: newly formed folk / rap / death metal / country Band by Mikey LeBlanc, Eric Messier & Ben Fee were adding a whole different level of audio experience to the trip: they wrote a freestyle song to pretty much every single situation on the trip. Example:

Japan is the undisputed champion-land of Snacks. No other country has a similar variety of crazy and good snacks as well as snackshops.

Download their catchy (freestyle!!) tune: "Snacks"

More songs, soon.

Horses need love, too.

That´s what we need in EU and the US. Mini beers for the way. Perfect!

Ah, this one´s pretty good, too. Mikey was hiding behind a corner in the hotel to scare Eric and accidentally scared these japanese tourists.

All in all- one of the best trips i have ever been on. With one of the best crews i have ever travelled with. Arigato Goseimas! David


Not even 30 hrs in Japan and i already had the run of my season...tree pow run into a mini-shred rail park. Doesnt get much better than that. Check out the mini ramp they had in the park, awesome. Speed bump in the middle so you can keep going forever >>


That iPhone really is something...>>

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